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Human Infection - "Infest To Ingest" Review

Human Infection hailing from Virginia mean business! I hadn't heard of these guys before so I wasn't sure what to expect from them. I was underwelmed by the cover art of this album and to be honest kinda had them written off in my head but my god was I wrong. Kicking the festivities off with opening track "Sheer Terror", were met with the now mandatory opening horror sample which is pretty much "colour by numbers" by today's standards but what followed was a real treat. If one could blend the technicality of modern day Dying Fetus, tied in with the grooves of Skinless and wrapped in barbwire with Cannibal Corpse you'd be pretty close to what this is all about. Track after track, it's packed to the throat with slams, sweep picking sections, blast beats and guttural vocals. The production is second to none here and sounds absolutely magnificent in just about every sound system I have heard it on so thats a real plus. For everytime I thought maybe a riff was going on a lil bit too long it changed about 3 times in a flurry of seconds. These guys really know how to write songs for the pit! Look no further than "Perversely Possessed" and title track "Infest To Ingest", 2 real jem of tracks that are literally in a treasure chest of brutality.
The production is super clear and super punchy in delivering these 11 tracks to your ears. The drums are very natural whilst maintaining a pulverizing tone, the guitars are thick and menacing, the bass sits beautifully in the mix whilst not drowning out kick drums or detuned guitars, all capped off with the vocals ripping your head off in the mix. Lyrically, it's the usual fare, gore/murder/mutilation but sure were all used to that by now. It really does sound that good and it needs to be commended for it so.
This CD hasn't left my car, I love it that much and I've been racking my brains trying to something negative to say which I truly can't. Track after track this album absolutely punishes the listener whilst trying to incite the mosh pit to go crazy. So the moral of this review is never judge a book by its cover.

Review from brutalism.com

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