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Disease Illusion - "Backworld" Review

This Italian melodic death metal bad is influenced by the legendary Gothenburg sounds from bands such as Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. This is the debut full-length from these Italian metallers. Going from 2006, the band changed their name from ‘The Slayers’ to Disease Illusion, and this change, including that of the main vocalist, also instigated a change from heavy and thrash metal to the melodic death metal they play today.
The album starts off typically melodic, with slow guitars and drums which build into a crescendo, getting faster and harder until the introduction of the main vocals, a scream of sound that takes over and is meshed within the instrumentals. The vocals then move to a deeper scream, with more depth and the ability to catch some of the lyrics, which is different, but in a good way. 
The guitar/bass/drums are expertly played by the band members and none of them overwhelm the other, the mixing on this album being a near perfect as you can get. At some points, it does feel more epic than melodic, especially with the big intros for most of the songs. The constant guitar riffs provide depth to each of the songs, using the skills of the guitarists perfectly. The drum beat behind is a constant rhythm that fits neatly beside the bassist’s skilled playing. 
At no point does this album disappoint. It has the power and the passion of the Italian, mixed with the sound of more prominent bands, but within that they make it their own.

Review from brutalism.com

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