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Bolesno Grinje - "Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!" Review

Review by Tsvetan / brutalism.com

Do you like oldschool grindcore,you know,the one with simple punkish riffs,blasting drumming and mad shouting vocals ? If the answer to this question is loud and proud YES! then you definitely should check out the fifth full-length album "Grinje!Grinje!Grinje!" of the Croatian veterans Bolesno Grinje. Their name translates to something like "Sick Mites" in English and they terrorize the world with grindcore since the year 2000. Hoc (bass/vocals),Rio (drums/vocals), Jule (guitars/vocals) and Angeri (vocals) attack the listener with fifteen blasting and grinding pieces of music - a furious mix of grind/crust/punk and oldschool hardcore. All tracks finish under the two minute mark with the exception of "Pobeda je nasa" ("Ours is the Victory") which is almost three minutes long and is the slowest song in the album. My personal favourites from this CD are the death/grind explosion of "Svinjojeb" (this should be translated as "Pigfucker" I think) and the smashing power crust attacks of "Mrtvi deca" ("Dead Children") and "Hail Satan,Blood & Orgy" which is the only song in English. All the other tracks are worth hearing in case you are into bands like Disrupt, Sore Throat, Anti-Cimex and similar grind/crust bands. Bolesno Grinje's fifth album will surely be a delight for everyone into oldschool grindcore with raw and unpolished sound but performed with true passion for the underground music!

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